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Michael Haacke



The beginning
of the ”Kinderhilfe Kovel”,
a Kovel supporting organisation


In 1990 the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Russlandhilfe” (association for supporting Russia) in Soltau-Fallingbostel, Lower Saxony  came into existence.

Various different organisations like the local German Red Cross, the THW and communities participated in the foundation. After the Ukraine had become independent from Russia  a new name was found: “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kovelhilfe” (association for supporting Kovel). Its goals were humanitary support, offering help to help oneself, encouraging people for a new life with a democratic future and simply, of course, making friends.

Within the next 4 years about 700 tons of goods were taken to Kovel like medical equipment     for hospitals, clothes for the needy as there were school children, families with many children, Tchernobyl victims, handicapped people and so-called Volksdeutsche (people of German origin). In 1995  the association stopped its humanitary transports, so Walsrode’s Mr. Galler founded  the “Kovelhilfe” to continue the holiday programme for children and to take care of needy children and ill and old-aged people.

Mr.  Galler was the first president until the end of his life  in 1999. Mr. Michael Haacke,              a 45- year old self-employed carpenter, followed Mr. Galler as president. He is trying hard          to achieve the basic aims of the organisation with the help of a very engaged team.

These basic  aims are:

  1. organising a summer holiday programme esp. for children suffering from Tchernobyl, for orphans and children from families with many children ( 4 weeks of recovery in German families for free)
  2. giving food, clothes, shoes and medicine to needy persons
  3. giving medical equipment, beds, wheelchairs etc. to local hospitals
  4. supporting kindergartens and children`s homes with clothes, toys and food
  5. giving material to schools to improve the learning and teaching situation
  6. arranging medical treatment for seriously ill or handicapped persons in Germany               who can’t be treated in the Ukraine
  7. immediate support in any case  of emergency as far as possible.

Two examples for successful help may indicate what we have been able to do:
We managed to get a successful medical treatment for Oksana Rusintschuk suffering from Spina Bifida.

And we could help the 11-year old Sergej, son  of a worker at the destroyed Tchernobyl power station by collecting enough money to finance  a brain tumour surgery in Germany.

Both children wouldn’t have had  a chance  of a  successful medical treatment in the Ukraine. The budget for all the tasks of the organisation is raised mainly by membership fees added by sponsors’ donations and by little governmental subsidies.

The organisation is registered and authorised to give out tax-reducing certifications.


Please help that we can continue our successful work.

 Commerzbank Walsrode
  BLZ:             250 400 66
  Account-No.    29 06 600

IBAN: DE88 2504 0066 0290 6600 00

If you need any further information just give us a call. We would be glad to answer your questions.

We say thank you, esp. on behalf of the Ukrainian children.


Michael Haacke